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Smelly Proof Bags - White

Smelly Proof Bags - White
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Smelly Proof Bags - White

Smelly Proof Stash Bags: Keep your stash smelling nice and fresh!

These unique odor proof bags are made with a special medical grade material that keeps odors trapped inside sturdy locking zippers. Every bag you use is highly durable, puncture resistant and moisture repellant. The bags are extremely well-made allowing for multiple uses, helping you save money.

Smelly Proof Bags come in a wide variety of sizes and colors to fit all your stash needs, helping make it the top selling odor free stash bag on the market today!

XS: 8 cm x 11 cm
S: 12 cm x 11 cm
M: 17 cm x 14 cm
L: 18 cm x 20 cm

*The sizes are shown width first followed by height. So the width measurement will be how big the opening is at the top of the bag allowing for a seam either side. If the width is important to you then please allow 1 cm off the width as the actual opening to the bag.

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