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Nevada Digital Pocket Scale – 100G X 0.01 Gram

Weight may be useful to us when we least expect it. If you want to quickly weigh the dry outside home or choose the right proportions for a joint, it is good to have a pocket scale with you, which will fit into a pocket or backpack. The more precise the equipment, the better for us. An excellent model is the USA Nevada 100 x 0.01g electronic scale.

You don't know what its parameters mean? This is no black magic! The markings in the model name indicate, for example, that you can weigh up to 100g of herbs at a time, and the scale will display the result with an accuracy of 0.01 grams.

This digital pocket scale is all you need for precise weighing on the go! It features a backlit display and is used for weighing all sorts of valuables such as gold, silver, coins, medication, gems, and herbs.

Includes a protective cover that also functions as a weighing tray, 2 AAA batteries, warranty card and instruction manual.

0.01gr – 100gr
gr, oz, gn, ct

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