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Florida Digital Scale - 0.1 G

Very robust and strong pocket digital scale. With its protective cover which doubles as a tray this scale is perfect for measuring weights between 0.1 g – 500 g. It runs off two AAA batteries and the screen is back-lit for easy reading.

0.1g – 500g
g, oz, ct, gn

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Great little device, use it to scale green herbs. Really happy with it and would recommend this to anyone who doesn't need any more that a 0.0g, if you're scaling white powders, you might want to invest in a 0.00g or 0.000g scale. 5/5 product


Looks OK, accurate enough for what I need it. I hope it will last long enough! Not much more to say to reach the 100 characters, sorry, it's just a scale.

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