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Washington Digital Scale - 0.001G

Washington digital scale - 0.001g

Be accurate, very accurate with this digital scale. This is the scale you will find in most professional labs and industry and is top of the line with a range between 0.001g –50g. It runs off 4 AAA batteries and has a blue back-lit LCD display for easy reading. It also has an auto off function for those who forget what a power button looks like.

Size: 9 cm x 13.5 cm (weighing tray-radius 3.5 cm)

Range: 0.001g – 50g

Units: g/oz/gn/ct/ozt/dwt

Colour: White

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Wow Amazed with the quality and price of the Scale!
A scale with 0,001 normally cost more then 300 Euro and probably around 1000.
Now i can can experiment with Research Chemical without killing myself

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