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Body Test - Thc Test

Body Test - Thc Test
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Efficient drug testing kit: detects the presence of THC in human urine

Many of us have been in this situation: you’ve got a medical exam coming up for your job, future employment, nosy parents or other reasons and you want to know if the traces of those joints you’ve been toking a few days/weeks back are still present in your body.

Instead of anxiously waiting for the results, why not be smart and take the drug test yourself? That way you’ll know for yourself whether you’re “safe”. Thanks to Shayanashop, you can order your drug tests straight from the internet and start screening for traces of thc!

The Cobeco THC drug test for weed smokers is a very straightforward and quick way of testing whether a person has used cannabis recently. It works exactly like the drug testing kits used by doctors, hospitals, army, etc).
It detects the presence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the main active ingredient in marijuana, as well as its metabolites (the substances that remain after thc is broken down).


Put four drops of urine onto the sample well. The THC test will show the results after five minutes.


Intended for private use only. If the test shows up positive, your last chance to rid your body of THC is to flush the thc out of your system with Cobeco Quick Flush.

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