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The Cannabible 3

The Cannabible 3
Special Request

Special Request


Author: Jason King
Language: ENG
Paperback, 222 pages

Cannabis expert and photographer Jason king was amazed by the extremely low number of books written on the rich variety of the cannabis plant. This led him to undertake a four-year mission around the world in order to make a sort of global inventory of the best cannabis strains around. He visited several continents such as North America, Asia and Europe, where he gathered information on more than 1500 cannabis strains (meanwhile doing some first-hand testing as well). From the mountains of Afghanistan, to the coffeeshops of Amsterdam and the volcanoes of Hawaii. Jason King has seen, smoked and tasted them all.

The Cannabibile contains stunning photos of the world’s 200 top varieties along with a clear description of their taste, effects and lineage.

You will learn which variety will give you the munchies or the wobbles. Why strains such as Doc Kevorkian, Black Widow or Cat piss are named the way they are.

If you are looking for specific effects such as creativity, productivity, or just hardcore chilling. The cannabis bible directs you to the weed you need.

Readers that would like to produce their own little harvest will be able to select the varieties they need based on the detailed information given in this book.

A readers’ must !

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