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Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook

Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook
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The available techniques for mushroom cultivation are improving at a fast pace. Internet discusison boards contribute to this evolution, as new techniques are invented day in day out and discussed on the Internet.
The Psilocybin Mushroom handbook contains :
-step by step guides to cultivating four species of psilocybin containing mushrooms
-an introduction to mushroom biology
-a resource guide for supplies, advice on discreetly integrating psychedelic mushrooms into outdoor gardens
-insights into the traditional use of psilocybins in sacred medicine
Readers have said this is one of the clearest and easiest books one can read on the subject. It provides a clear and summarized overview of numerous of the top growing techniques for growing the most popular type of hobby mushrooms. It also gives your more information on where you can go to learn more about mushrooms of all types.
The Psilocybin mushroom handbook is perfect for newbies. The book offers a clear advantage over research directly from the Internet. It is clearly organized, written in a fluent style and offers a list of reputable web sites and forums on the net, helping you to avoid the sites that are of no use or offer incorrect information. Scams on the Internet are frequent, so if you’re new at mushroom growing it is important to know which sites can be trusted.
The importance of finding clear and reputable sources of information and supplies cannot be understated. This book will help you get started safely and quickly. Buy it, read it, then go to the forums listed and compare what you have learned with what other people have already been through. Use this knowledge to avoid the common scams and pitfalls. Follow this plan and you will be happy.

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