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The Hashshaker is super handy for small growers who want to get some pure polm (hash) from their leftovers. just drop the leaves in one side and shake it, on the other side all the resin will accumulate.

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would be a lot better if you put a small hole it top of it so you can inject lighter fluid it will free the trichomes and work 1000% better and also increase yield by same stuff works as good as say colibri or ronson fuel not the kind you sqirt into a zippo this has to be butane pressurized type ...Hope this helps you out jane and josh you can do same thing with salt+pepper shaker the stainless steel kind that looks like the one you sell you just drill a hole 1/8 inch hole in one end..Been doing that for years and blew my mind when i saw it ..


This tool works, but u need a lot of weed, and work on the refrigerator. But really works...

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