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Shayana’S Festival Tent Pack

Enjoy your summer festival with SHAYANA’S FESTIVAL TENT PACK.

Do you love going to festivals and go camping? Then you'll no longer have to miss your favourite Shamaness. From now on, you can express your love for Shayana and enjoy your festival in the grooviest tent of the entire festival.

The Festival Tent Pack includes:
-1 handy Shayana pop-up tent (height: 110 cm, width: 150 cm, length: 240 cm)
-2 Shayanashop sleeping bags (approx. 65 cm wide and 2m long)
-2 sleeping mats (length: 180 cm, width: 60 cm)

Forget messing around with igloo tents. Shayana’s pop-up tent is installed before you can count to three! Then, just roll out your Shayana sleeping bags and mats and you will find inner peace in Shayana’s camping temple, protected from rain, wind and mosquitos.

The entire pack comes in one handy transport bag that you can easily carry on your back. When the festival is over, you just roll up your Shayana sleeping bags, fold up your Shayana tent, put them in the transport bag, and be on your way to the next festival!

Attention: this summer we want to see a Shayana Tent at every big (and small) summer festival. That is why the entire tent pack is available at the ridiculously low price of 59,95 EUROS!

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