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Super Skunk - Feminised

Super Skunk - Feminised
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ShayanaSeeds_SupremeSkunk_plant.jpg SUPER SKUNK - feminised ShayanaSeeds_SupremeSkunk_bud.jpg SUPER SKUNK - feminised
Introducing Supreme Skunk feminised cannabis seeds - a classic, robust strain that's perfect for both novice and experienced growers! This iconic strain is known for its powerful aroma and deeply relaxing effects, offering an unmatched blend of euphoria and tranquility.

The Supreme Skunk is a predominantly Indica strain, boasting high THC levels that result in an intense, long-lasting high. Expect an unforgettable aromatic mix of sweet, fruity, and spicy when you cultivate these potent beauties.

These feminised seeds have an impressive growing success rate and adaptability. They can be grown indoors or outdoors with a flowering period of 8-10 weeks. When grown in optimal conditions, you can expect a bountiful yield. Indoors, these plants will flourish under a 600W light, reaching a medium height with generous branching. Outdoors, they're naturally resistant to molds and pests, making them suitable for cooler climates.

Embrace your green thumb today and let the Supreme Skunk feminised cannabis seeds bring a world of cultivation satisfaction to your doorstep. Their ease of growth, coupled with their high yield potential, makes them an excellent choice for every cannabis connoisseur. Happy growing!

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