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Natrium Smooth

A more delicate cleaner for your bong. This new formula Natrium still delivers all that energetic cleaning power that you have been used to in the original version, but with a smoother finish on your bong. With its special, copyrighted, Pink Protons, your bong will feel steadier and stronger than ever before. Expect to see results in the first 5 min with the cleaning experience ending in about 1 – 2 hr.

Once you have smelt this new formula, your bong will never look the same again.


Bong stimulation, euphoric cleaning


50 mg
100 mg
150 mg


1-2 hours


Ethylphenidate (400mg)


Not intended for human consumption.
We don't ship this product to:
Denmark , Sweden , Switzerland

Customers Reviews Natrium Smooth Tell us your experience



So..i was expecting a one hour effect, i doubled the dose, started around midnight, at 7 i was still awake.
i talked a lot, and very fast, had a lot of hugs, and remained clear.
cheap and effective.


Ordered on Wednesday and arrived on Saturday morning UK. First time I've tried this as I usually just buy the truffles but I thought I'd give this a try and I'm very impressed..... My bong is well and truly cleaned and I will be ordering again... Thanks guys!!!


Very fun, very clean, very SMOOTH. almost too smooth. but the reg natrium burn a hold through my nose. Does not clean well when exposed to heat, tastes worst that burning real-real. Think twice about your cleaning and stay safe.


Entre c et md voilà l'effet que ça me fait, au top, garantie, en plus le g n'est pas chère, on peut nourrir 2 personnes pendant une teuf plus sont after...
Le seul petit bémol il faut y retourner toute les 2 heures, voilà le seul truc négatif...
Le mieux c'est de prendre une grosse lignace au début et après taper juste des pointes, sur ce n'hésité pas une seconde, foncez vous ne serez pas déçu. !!!


Passe mieux que le natrium blanc dans le bong mais c'est juste une impression car il est tout aussi puissant.
bong cleaned !