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WOW is no longer available. *If you liked WOW, you will love DESTINY* - LINK
Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. A magical world of wonder will open before your eyes, and anything you see will be amazingly beautiful, and everything you feel will be filled with love, insight and inner peace.

Any attachment to ego or feelings of anxiety will be released and replaced with a profound sense of unity and a spiritual connection to your surroundings, especially when immersed in nature.


Creative and cognitive enhancement (in lower doses), euphoric body high, vibrant, colourful geometric visuals, increased stamina, sensory enhancement, altered sense of time and reality. Microdosing improves creativity, mental clarity and a general sense of well-being.


The effects are enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment.


10 µg
25 - 75 µg
75 - 140 µg
150 - 300 µg


Onset: 20 - 60 minutes
Peak: 2 - 5 hours
Duration: 5 - 8 hours


1P-LSD (Stamp = 100 µg • Pill = 150 µg)


Not intended for human consumption. Please use caution: it is strongly advised to avoid mixing substances, as it may have a negative or possible harmful effect on the experience. Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer
We don't ship this product to:
Austria , Czech Republic , Estonia , Finland , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Customers Reviews WOW - World of Wonder Share your experience


I took 2 stamps for the session, and I can confirm it invoked the state I knew from previous LSD experiences. 2 stamps invoke a very intensive experience. The effect lasted for 12 hours. It started with a very gentle, merely affective kick in (felt very peaceful and relaxed, so first I suspected I was experiencing effects of a mild tranquillizer, but this was just the result of the way I was set). It turned visual some time later and finally tuned me completely into that other reality. Being well prepared, it was a very nice experience, the love of the universe. Mathematical beauty. 3D fractals as seen in rendered 3D animations are nothing compared to this. A high level personal preparedness and a safe, controlled setting are required for work with 2 stamps.


The shipment was "too" fast that I could not believe.
A sealed package was received where two little pieces were obtained. Each 100.

At 16:47
SWIM took it under the tongue for 15 min and then swallowed it (only one piece)

It is 02:10 am
now SWIM describes.
After 15 minutes, there was something going on in the stomach. A little bit of pain. SWIM thought he would throw up but did not... after 30-40 minutes, the effects started kicking in.
The body temperature was hard to control. the first one hour was pretty cold, although the room was extremely hot. After around 1.5 hours, SWIM started tripping balls. For 4 hours straight. very pleasant experience.
around 23pm, the effects started wearing off.

It is 02:13
SWIM is listening to ovnimoon - galactic mantra

Thank you shayana shop,

This one was really good!

Took me to the place I love so much :) Albert Hoffman would be proud! Thanks for the quick delivery Shayana!!


Great way to open doors to ones bong cleaning practices. Be careful and hold on tight because the ride gets bumpy for those who cannot control their thoughts about cleaning. Lava lamps and strobe lights highly recommended for the ultimate clean.

Oh My!!! 2 little wipes, WeLL Its been 40 years of waiting!!!! Its about time!

Everybody says "hello we love you".. :)

My oh my! my bong is SO CLEAN! I think this cleaner came in the nick of time to save us all..

Mercy me! :)


Amazing experience! My bong felt wonderful for hours afterwards! Visually stunning. Took about 40 minutes for the "cleaning" to start. If you're a beginner maybe use half a stamp and be patient. :)

Legit. Tag me, you are it. Great product, did let me explore and experience everything. Definitely worth it.



Yes, that was definitely an amazing experience. Used both. Sacred geometric symbols could be seen with open eyes when concentration is deep. Awesome quality.


This is some amazing product...I was flying with a blanket full of changing colors. .Shayana you have a new fan and customer. Highly recommended!

Amazing experience. Best night of my life. Took a while to kick in but when it did, wow. Lovely visuals and wonderful feeling of being connected to the universe. Ordered some more today :). Only downside is the price, if I had the connections I would be buying elsewhere.


I had an amazing trip with one tab.
The experience lasted for 5-6 hours. The perception if reality changed utterly.
Colurs, shapes, sounds, and even concentration... all got enchanced. It was delightful.

First time.ever trying ...took both stamps,maybe that was bad idea bcs it.lasted for.25 hours straight...first few hours was great...last few was the worst...I was sure i need to die to prove myself that we are infinite beeings.But i was holding on ,was scared of dying...Im still not 100% sure what would happen if i accepted death(would i really die or just my.ego)...Still it was great experience and I found out that we are all one and god is always in us and guiding us.


Oh oh oh la la .... je suis entrain de gentiment redescendre de mon trip .... une tuerie sa race !!!

Two is too much if you want to try it. Truth is that the effect was really long to come (around 1:45) so it is why i decided 1 hour and a half after the 1st stamp to take the 2nd one. I didn't hold big expectation on the product. But it does work very similarly to lsd, I did not notice big differences.
At first i noticed when i got up that the ground was weirdly very far from my head but i was still standing on it. Then came the visuel deformations, my face in the mirror appeared like if i was really really high on lsd. My brain started thinking very fast and i started seeing memories stuff and random things as i was thinking about em.
Then, i noticed some color changes in my sight, kinda orange. But sadly, my trip was a bit ruined by a pseudo hallucination, hearing a noisy alarm like if it came from outside and me being in big city, took some time to understand that closing my window wouldn't change a thing. Calming me down with a spliff did the trick anyway and it finally lasted only for about 30 minutes (but long ones). Reading an article on the internet did a bit of a trick to me 4 or 5 hour after the start of the effects, reading in my phone an article. Indeed, the words on the screen suddenly changed into different ones, and they were coming from what i was immediately thinking which was very weird and making me wonder if i was already asleep and dreamin or not. i putted myself to sleep then while i was still thinking at lightspeed and trippin.
I slept for about 9 hours and I got up without bad effects.


Three day delivery was so much faster than Amazon's. One stamp, very pretty visuals, extremely enjoyable.

Quick delivery ordered monday and arrived friday , excellent product hiiiiiighly recommend, will be ordering again


It took 7 work days for delivery. The packaging was very discreet. The product works as advertised. No ill side effects. 100ug was enough for all sorts of visuals. Distortions, ripples, fractals, vivid colors, Van Gogh vision, facial shapeshifting. Strong time dilation.
Mentally it was difficult to form coherent thoughts, SWIM was easily distracted. No life epiphanies, must experiment with higher doses.

The price could be more competitive.


Amazing! Cogi un carton y medio, me puse a leer el tarot y fue como mantener una conversación con alguien vivo. Mucha claridad, no fue muy visual pero la profundidad de los pensamientos y la claridad de estos es increible.


This is absolutely amazing! Great experience! I have tried it with a friend who tried real lsd several times before that and he could not tell the difference! For me, it was my first time and I really enjoyed it!

OMG!!!! Shayana, you've done it again!! Amazing product which reveals why it's predecessor earned so much fame. This one generates a glowing experience that mere words can't do justice!!


Cant go wrong with it. Bet way to clean your bong since Albert Hoffmans contributions to society. Wouldn't recommend cleaning alone because it is so much better when you have assistance to enhance the results.

Bottom line: This is it.
Dropped 2 stamps yesterday afternoon at the beach. Very clean product, i was tripping for 7 hours. Highly recomended


Wirkt gut, jedoch muss man was mehr nehmen, um an das orginal dranzukommen! Aber jeder reagiert da bekanntlich anders..

Ignore tolerance is ridiculous, I needed 400ug for a "trippy trip trip" but that's me and just as pure luck would have it to be fair as I only ordered 200ug, Got an extra parcel yesterday..

This could get intense at one point for beginners..I got a massive hot/cold sweat anxiety rush and boom, after 4 hours of onset my senses capooshed all over the gaff.

For -3-5 seconds I had the wiredest feeling ever, questioned if I could handle this and what the fuck am I gonna do, then sweated and boof....The starts were in there fookin trillions anyway!!!


Quite decent, I have tried LSD-25 to compare it to and I had preferred that one because with the 1P-LSD it seems that I have no visuals. I must admit that I have limited myself to the consumption of 1 tab of 1P-LSD and 2 tabs of LSD-25. In regards to 1P-LSD, I have found that I preferred to take half a tab, it allowed me to truly discern the differences in my sober state and my sky-hi state.What I had noticed was that my ability to relate things was greatly enhanced, I was capable of visualizing completely abstract situations and causes in my mind with great ease, my philosophical train of thought was like none-other before, yet I had no visual stimulation caused by it which I thought was unfortunate. Some physical effects I had noticed were shivering and shaking slightly, often cold as well and the back of my neck felt very stiff and warm, likely caused by the increased cerebral activity. Overall, enjoyed it but I will personally stick to LSD-25 cost-wise.

The psychedelic experience took me to know the humaner meaning of the life which it hides into the secret unwinding. A light than put me life in front the life, in the dimension of the mutual identity.


So, first timer, perfect setting and my flat literally turned into a flipping funfair. Seriously! I really didn't know at all what to expect and what a ride. Complete flow and my cat changed shapes consistently. Phenomenal, definitely going there again

yes, this is the realsteel shit, but be shure that you are the one who can enjoy it. i tasted the most products of bb, but this is the absolutly strongest psy product(in my opinion)
set and setting is sooo important! think twice bevore start cleaning.if started once you cant leave for the next ours..


To expand on my earlier review.
This is a very powerful cleansing agent. Yes people, it's the one, the real thing, the Hoff.... ;-) I should have known better than to expect any compromise substitute whatever. Nonono, when you order from Shayana you get what you paid for and then some!!
Compared to the effect you might get when cleaning your bong with funghal tissue, you might not get the same fancy optical effects but a much deeper transparency of the nature of material reality, like watching nature unfold in front of you at every moment. This can be really mindblowing! To use both stamps at once is better only for experienced cleaners!!
Anyway yes expect deep insight and an experience you won't easily forget. Make sure you use this in safe and comfortable surroundings.
With Shayana, it's hardly necessary to mention the super-fast delivery. :-* Guys, as i said, you're amazing! :-D

incroyable des effets visuel inimaginable sans arrêt !
je conseille vivement au débutant comme moi de commencer par une pilule !


Two tablets (not blotters) were taken. Frankly indistinguishable from the “real” thing. Came up in about 45 minutes to an hour. I laughed and laughed and laughed for about an hour straight. Plenty of melty, pulsating visuals going on. Clean. Immense fun. Highly recommended.

Wonderful substitute, but also has it's own merit. The journey feels clean, no nausea. Slight hangover (low energy the day after) with extreme doses. Tried 1,000ug and had nothing but good fun. The visuals are from out of this world, incredible. 10/10 would recommend.


solo debajo de la lengua medio P, y escuchando a Bobby Ramone, al cabo de una hora........ fue genial,!! WAUG !!

Me and my two friends had a life changing trip
I took one stamp and they took half a stamp each
Even on a small dose it was so profound
Would highly recommend


Prise d'une moitié de taz avant la prise d'une demie pilule de wow, montée en 30 min pris à 21h.
directement, déformation des images et couleurs intensifiées. phase euphorique pendant 2h avant de sombrer dans une phase légume d'une petite heure puis déformation amplifiée de nouveau. durée du pic jusqu'à 2h du mat puis phase d'apaisement jusqu'à 4h du mat.
Conseil 1: pour les débutants 1/2 pilule suffit pour avoir une bonne défonce
Conseil 2: ne pas regarder jojo bizarre aventures c'est trop le bordel ;)
Avis final : c'est woooooooooow !!!

I loved it too much. Be aware to take a break from a trip to another because you have to wait some time to have the full experience! It lasted about 3/4 hours, tho. But it still was veeery intense and beautiful! Shipping took 6 days and it was very descreet :)


Alors la,bluffé par un carton(100ų)!!
C'est vraiment WoW,ça me rappelle de bons souvenirs d'il a plus de 20 ans!
Merci Shayana,respect,paix,amour🕉

Can't speak for the product as yet because I haven't tried it but service here is superb. Delivery issues caused by Covid immediately resolved by the Support team. Great place to shop. Many thanks!


Still waiting to try but the package was supper good and it came fast.

I recommend it !

Would order again another stuff

Voyage salutaire dans le monde d'en bas... A eu les mêmes effets que l'ayaeshca sur moi. Whaouu.. Merci aux esprits des autres mondes de nous avoir accueilli, même si parfois cela fut difficile d'accepter ce qui doit être..


Excellent produit, très proche de l'original ;)
Moins récréatif que Glow, il faut s'assurer d'être en bon mood avant de décoller pour profiter pleinement de l'expérience.
Il y a moins d'effets visuels qu'avec Glow, et un espace psychique plus profond, on plonge plus en soi-même (d'où l'importance du mood de départ...)
Un bon moyen de plonger dans l'inner-space et de voyager !
L'expérience est assez forte, et une seule pilule suffit pour une première expérience.
Ça reste tout de même moins fort que du lsd25.

Alors là !!! Juste un truc de dingue .une pastille de 150 mg et le voyage fut magique
Pris a 11h, et 30 minutes plus tard Le voyage commence . Impossible à décrire mais un souvenir a vie je pense . Une connection avec le monde qui m'entoure et une sensation intense de tt comprendre. Bref a ne pas prendre a la légère. 150 pas plus . Vraiment un truc de ouf . Le produit est de toute pureté . Merci shayana 😍😍


Pros: Received within 4 days.
WoW is just amazing in every way possible!
If you're looking for real fun consider taking 2 pills (300 Ug).
All the visuals, sensations, and everything is there! No side effects, pure quality!
I'm usually very anxious but no sign of a bad trip was even remotely present during the trip, EVEN on a higher dose.

Cons: Prices are definitely too high but we should be thankful for their service and work. I hope they would consider lowering the prices a bit after the pandemic is over.
Stay safe


Real deal, clean and potent! Thank you Shayana! <3
I will look to fill my stash up for sure!
Peace Love Unity RESPECT


I eat 2 papers of 1pLsd. It's very low. Order to pills with 150 mics that will bring you a nice trip!

The product was more than was i expected, strong for first acid use, a sealled pack recive in my mailbox in 7 days, don’t need to say anymore...


I took only half tab and have been completely enlightened, beautiful and clear headspace and emotional openness, to the point that even just my cat purring to me and showing me love made me burst in tears of joy and made me understand that we all need eachother and have to help ourselfs to live more enjoyable lifes togheter.
After that revelation i felt like i released away all my troubles and anxieties and felt like a newborn in my body. it lasted 8 hours and I listened to music in the coming down, it was a truly ineffable ecstatic experience.
Thank you so much Shayana! peace

When you really have time to do something fun on the weekend, you should take this one. Had so much fun with my girlfriend. When does it stop ;-) that was the only question ?


Great Product if you know then you know.

Only downside is the price a lot dearer than some others. Although shayana are reliable and come through every time.

Thank you very much Shayana ^^ The WOW arrived in time and in great condition, very stealthy, thank you very much! You guys are great!


Beware, this stuff is really strong. I took 1/5th of a tab, not because I was trying to be cautious but because I was intending to microdose - that turned out to be a full on 15-hour trip, pleasant, very heady, though less visual than expected, and no sleep in sight.

Shipping was faster than expected got it 7 working days but if you are a experienced consumer 1 tab is mild 1,5 or 2 is nice


Over all a very good product but 100 micro grams are a bit low even for beginners, at least in my oppinion.
I would recomend to take at least 150-200 for a good trip ;D

Un vrai bijou ce nettoyeur de bong ! Du rire, du rire et du rire. Nettoie très bien mon bong ;) thank’s Hoffman !


Alors la! GRAND DLIR en pleine ville rennaise!!

Preferable d'avoir le mental qui suit et boom! 1 timbr/personne nickel !

consommer avec moderation bizz

Loved this product felt like somethig else I've tried before 😜 and the customer service is superb would defiantly recommend


Sympa! bon produit légèrement sous dosé mais efficace sans problèmes .1 et 1/2 c"est le top ! salut a tous

First time trying a Psychedelic:

was alone home and took one stamp, waited for 30 min and took the second one after one hour I was tripping (6 hour trip) and everything felt great, everytime I looked into the mirror to look at my eyes I couldnt help myself and laugh and grin, the music was beautiful and you feel like in a movie. Had some visuals like really low color changing and things waving.

At the end you feel a bit sad that its over but not as bad as with mdma. The next day I had a awkward feeling in my body but not so bad.

Really enjoyed the Trip and looking forward to take the real LSD. Would recommend to take it if you dont have to do anything on the next day like working :P


Ho preso una confezione intera - 2 bollini - ed è stata molto intensa. E' solo per chi ha molta esperienza e sa di essere solido, davvero non è per tutti. Effetti visuali davvero forti, ma anche una sensazione fisica piuttosto sgradevole sempre presente, che causa incapacità di sdraiarsi e godersela in una posizione rilassante. Sono stato quasi sempre in piedi e in movimento, dopo 12 ore ero molto stanco. Sono stato in grado di dormire dopo oltre 16 ore dall'assunzione, ma il giorno dopo ero completamente a posto. Prendila solo se sei in un posto adeguato e con persone di cui ti fidi, il "set & setting" è fondamentale, sempre.

I splitted 1 stamp into 6 parts for microdosing and nearly had a trip with a lot of energy. So it´s really potent stuff!


Kam schneller als erwartet! Da es sich zeitlich anbot, habe ich mit meiner Freundin die Bong gereinigt. Ziemlich genau 2 Stunden nach Einwerfen des Stamps entfaltete sich die Wirkung voll und ganz, wie erwartet. Tolles Produkt!

Always an absolutely delightful trip. The latest batch had the strongest visuals. Peaks usually between 2nd-3rd hour. Also, top delivery by shayanshop.

Hab´s nur als Lowdosen probiert: ca 20 bis 25 micg.
relativ leichte und klare Trips; kein Unterschied zum Original; möglicherweise sogar stärker;
gesteigerte Wahrnehmung usw.
Dauer ca 6 bis 8 Stunden.
Für die klassischen Low-Dose-Erfahrungen war die Dosis eigentlich noch zu hoch, da es klar trippig wird.
Ich vermute, dass ein stamp (100 micg) schon nicht mehr als mittelmäßig eingestuft werden sollte, sondern als stark.

Very fast shipping (3 days). Discrete. Amazing experience. Shayanashop is THE TRUTH. Very professionnal.


200ug blew my mind never tripped like that in my life cannot be compared to mushrooms, WOW is in a league of its own

Bien visuel et bien mental, complètement à l ouest rien qu avec 1 demie !!très bon qualité perche! Par rapport au lasidium qui a + une super sansation de bien être et des petites hallu, très agréable et on ce gère mieux..


Nice product, 2 days shipping to the UK. Could be stronger, maybe have to use more than 1 wipe to clean your Bong.

Good delivery and super quality of product. After applying the product, my tobacco bong ended up shiny and disinfected. 100 mcg was enough for the controllable and not overwhelming process that I wanted to follow, regarding the proper usage of my bong. Cleaning process took around 6 hours, with a gentle landing. Thanks for your good work guys. Very recommendable site this of yours. Met vriendelijke groet.


Arrived quickly, which was nice. Price could be better, but the product itself is great. Mixed it with weed all through the night and watch The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, faces were melting and it made no sense but it was great, I only had 1.25 tabs as well so no issue in strength. All lasted for about 10 hours for me then I slept (I was mega tired after a long day) but my friends were still going well into the next day (15+ hours on)

super produit, pour un nettoyant je le trouve très bien.... mon bang a fait bim bam boum, barre de rire, belles pixellisation, bref, si c'en est pas , ça y ressemble super bien!!

merci aux créateur


I and my wife took one stamp each. We were in a good mood, so we had the exactly same trip of energy, joy, positivity, clarity of thought. Music sounded heavenly and the visuals were pretty nice. The trip lasted almost the whole day. Almost as good as real WOW.Will order it again for sure.
Thank you, Shayana!

Indistinguishable from good ole Lucy, though shorter over all (and thank god!). Very intense visuals. I took one tab to become familiar with product and I'm relieved I didn't take both! I spent the peak on a long walk through the woods in the sunshine and at times I had to stop and find a place to sit and just close my eyes because the amount of stimulation was overwhelming. "This is only one tab?!" I found myself asking over and over. Very clean product, and very gentle come down. I've been very relaxed and happy since the trip. Tips: find a safe/comfortable place for the come up because it gets really really intense and then smoothes out at the peak, and if you're not experienced in tripping please only take one tab. Put some relaxing music on during this time. I also recommend tripping in the day as early as you can, because even though the trip was about 7 hours, I still felt residual effects for about 4 hours after that and sleeping was a little difficult that night. Drink a cup of apple juice during the peak! It will blow your mind! 😄 Very satisfied. Thanks again Shayana. 👏🏻


Excellent quality - identical to the original. Albert Hoffmann would be surprised. If you are not experienced: take a weekend off, start Saturday morning so that you have Sunday to relax and "digest" all the insights that came up, have an experienced sitter next to you for the journey. It can be beautiful, it can be tough.

Excellent product!! I want more.!!!.I would recommend to anyone who is into psychedelics. very intense psychedelic it outside in nature is a very spiritual trip.

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