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Here you can find answers to questions relating to your order and when your order should arrive.


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What are the payment options?

You can choose from several different payment options.
Please note that the minimum order value is 25 EUR.

Please transfer the order payment (total value) using your Online Banking System or go to your local bank to request the transfer.

Do not forget to ONLY put your ORDER NUMBER in the description / message to beneficiary field. You will receive our bank details via email once your order is complete.

*Your order will be shipped when the transferred funds arrives in our bank account. This may take between 2 to 6 working days.

Anonymous crypto payments are the fastest and most secure way to make a payment.
To complete payment, please follow these easy steps or watch the video guide below:
1. Select language, enter email and continue.
2. Cryptocurrency options: You can convert to Litecoin or Pay with Altcoins.
3. Payment options: Scan QR Code, Open in Wallet, or Copy Payment Address.
4. Once payment is complete, your order will be Ready to Send!

ATTENTION: Please make sure to send the correct amount of cryptocurrency or your order will not be processed.

Put the money in an envelope and please make sure to include the following or your order cannot be processed: YOUR NAME, ORDER NUMBER.
Always make sure you send the envelope registered and if possible insured. This is so you can track the envelope and, should your envelope get lost, you can claim the money back. NEVER SEND COINS, please round up the total of your order (example: Order is €41,50, send €40 or if your order is €43, send €45). We will compensate you for the difference.

We accept the following currencies: Euros, US Dollars and English Pounds. Exchange rates:

Send your envelope to:

*Please confirm the correct PO Box address above before sending cash.

Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive your envelope containing the money. This can take up to 30 days depending on the postal service.
*Please Note: all of our products are in stock, unless indicated otherwise on our website.

On rare occasions, between the time you place your order and the moment your payment is received, the product may run out of stock. If this happens, you will be contacted to either delay the shipping of your order until the product is restocked, request a different product or receive a credit coupon for the respective value.

How do I change my payment method?

Once your order is completed you cannot change your payment method. If you need to change your payment method please cancel your order and make a new one with your desired payment method.

How can I convert currencies?

Please visit XE Currency Converter for the latest currency exchange values.
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