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Big Bud

Big Bud? Well, the name says it all: this plant boasts big buds and few leaves. Its odor is naturally sweet and the high is not too stoney. It’s the heaviest crop plant.


Cultivation: indoor
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Type: Indica-Sativa mix

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these were the best seeds ive bought. they gave me /10 female. i got 10 pounds from those plants.


Well first of I call bullshit to the above statement but it is indeed a high yeilding strain with a 400 watt closet grow I have no problems getting about 1.5 - 2 ounces per plant (12 plant maximum). Definatly a strain you will want to look into if your looking for the 1 gram+ per watt ratio.Also you can grow amazing trees with this strain a friend let me grow a tree in his grow room (cost me 50$ asshole) but anyway I grew the tree to about 5 feet in height (from dirty to top not planter to top and trained it for about 8 months... a little long but whatever finally the plant was flowered under 4 1000 watt lights 2 hps 2 mh and got an amazing 6 pounds! not bad for 1 tree.So in conclusion this straight is a keeper

The. Best. The plant grew nice and tall, and overall from my ten seeds I got a yeild of about 9 pounds under 2000HPS lights. 7/10 were female. I impregnated one, so now I have about 3000 more seeds from a wonderful strain. Thanks Shayanshop!

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