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Hindu Kush/Skunk #1 X Skunk #1

This sativa dominant hybrid is great fun. As you might have deduced from its name, this weed descends from a Hindu Kush/Skunk| and a Skunk1 parent.

Thanks to its skunk1 genes, this strain allows you to grow uniform and sturdy plants with a good environmental resilience in different kinds of weather conditions. The skunk influence also helped to generated more yield.

Its Hindu Kush background provides this plant with dense rock-hard buds, an abundant resin production and a musky, earthy smell and taste with some hints of fruitiness.

Hindu Kush/Skunk 1 X Skunk 1 is an excellent weed for social occasions or moments in which you need to be creative. You may also experience feelings of happiness and euphoria.

Genetic background: Hindu Kush/Skunk No. 1 x Skunk No. 1
Harvest: end of October (outdoors)
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
THC level: 14-20%
Characteristics: Heavy hashish plant

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Grew this exact strain from shayanashop a while ago. I didn't get a big yield off the one plant but I chopped it early. It was really good stuff smells kind of fruity and has a heady high... I could definitely tell this was a sativa dominant strain


that's a very great strain !!

its good seeds, but the seeds are mixed so males and females can get out of the seeds.

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