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Nla/Skunk #1 X Skunk #1

Nla/Skunk #1 X Skunk #1
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Special Request



With this threeway hybrid cannabis prodigy, you’re in for long lasting experience.
This variety was bred from an NLA Skunk 1 hybrid that was then crossed with another skunk 1. They managed to get it just right, with its ancestors passing down their best qualities.

Skunk 1 is used in many mixes because of its great consistency and its intense Skunk taste. Skunk connoisseurs will immediately recognize the Skunk heritage
present in this strain. Apart from its characteristic taste, it also offers growers the same growing ease. Its a very forgiving strain which makes it a good choice for beginning growers. The one thing you need to look for is the mold risk, due to its dense buds

The NLA genes cause its THC level to go through the roof (over 20%) which makes for an intense long-lasting high. NLAxSkunk1xSkunk prefers an indoor environment.

Type of cultivation: indoor
Plant type: indica/sativa
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Effect: long-lasting high
Thc level: 20%

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