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Indoor Easy Grow Seed Pack

Indoor Easy Grow Seed Pack
Special Request

Special Request


Tired of depending on coffeeshops or dealers charging astronomical prices? Tired of buying weed without knowing which chemicals it's been treated with? Happen to have a little extra space available in your house, shed, ... ?

Then why not grow your own 'babies' ? 

But perhaps you're feeling a bit insecure, since your not the world's greatest botanical expert?

No stress, no worries !!  We've all been there. That is why the Shayanashop crew has come up with a pack containing 4 different varieties that are all easy to grow indoor. This way you can try out different flavours and effects and gradually acquire more experience.

Our Indoor Easy Grow Seed Pack includes: 
5 Master Kush seeds,
5 Top 44 seeds,
5 Skunk 1 seeds and
5 Big Bud seeds

All these seeds for only 46 instead of 54.5 euro!

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