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Indoor Mix

We have put together 5 popular indoor varieties in one package. These selections are Master Kush, Afghan, Pure Power Plant, Skunk 1, and Nirvana Special. Indoor Mix provides you with pure indica, indica/sativa hybrid, and mostly sativa strains. An outstanding selection of variety and value!
• Plant Height: Short, Medium, and Tall
• Buzz Type: Sativa High-Indica Stoned
• T.H.C. Level: Medium-High
• Flowering Weeks: 7-12
• Yield (Dried grams per square meter in a Sea of Green): 350-450
• Harvest Month: Sept.-Nov

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7/9 sprouted, a few weeks tall now, with one smelling real nice:-) can´t tell her name because it is a mix though. Hope most of them turn out females. NICE!

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