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The AK-48 is an indica/sativa hybrid. Its name refers to its short maturation time. In good conditions this plant finishes after only 48 days. Somewhere in the 90s the AK strains became renowned for their speedy maturation, while still producing great buds and good effects.

The AK-48 may well be the strongest of all AK varieties and other quickly flowering strains. It has a dominant aroma and smell with exceptionally hard buds. AK-48 isn’t that hard to grow, although first-time growers better seek some advice before planting them.

Type: Indoor
Genetics: Indica/Sativa
Flowering: 7-9 weeks
Yield: 400-500 grams / m2
THC: Strong 15- 20%

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Great plant, plant was ready in 8 weeks.Smoke was smooth with a great skunky taste, high was wicked! Long lasting too.I give this 5/5. Its easy to grow, strong, and tastes and smells amazing!


bomb shit it was pretty dank it was the best ive had in a while

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