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Since the Afghan strain made its way from Afghanistan to the Netherlands, a lot of selective breeding has been done. Now the Afghan is an ideal indoor plant, easy to grow, good yields, strong, with a great and somewhat acrid taste.

The smoke is a bit harsh, but the high is nearly narcotic. The Afghan is a classical genetic and you can find it in a lot of modern hybrid strains.

Genetics: Indica
Type: Indoor, perfect beginner plant
Flowering: 7-9 weeks
Yield: 350-450 grams
THC: strong 15-20%

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not cool stuff for beggginers most seeds from this is plant grow outside and it was full with litlle flowers(male)...


A truly great plant! Highly recommended for 1st timers and not only! Very resistant to bugs etc and great aroma.

I bought and used this strain to bust my growing cherry, and boy this strain does what it says on the tin; Easy to grow, Stoned/Indica body buzz, and i was surprised at the strength i achieved with such an easy grow! Great plant that gets my recommandation!


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