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Hempcare Ruby 10% Cbd

HempCare RUBY 10% CBD has several special properties making it a unique CBD oil. This oil is distinguished by a characteristic pure red color and a high CBD content of 10%. In addition to CBD, this oil contains significant amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. 

HempCare RUBY 10% CBD is also rich in terpenes in addition to a wide range of cannabinoids. Terpenes are mostly found in plants and herbs and have been used for centuries for medical and therapeutic purposes.

10ml - 1000mg CBD
30ml - 3000mg CBD

About HempCare:
Only the best that nature has to offer us: that is the main motive for HempCare. This philosophy can be seen in the HempCare products. The CBD oils are full-spectrum oils in which all important properties of the hemp plant have been preserved. HempCare products are composed with the utmost care and offer the best quality as nature intended: 100% natural ingredients from the hemp plant.

5,0 Cm
8,0 Cm
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