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Green House - Francos Lemon Cheese

Green House - Francos Lemon Cheese
5 seeds (feminised)
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Green_House_Francos_Lemon_Cheese_01.png Green House - Francos Lemon Cheese
After the tragic loss of Franco Loja beginning of 2017, the world has been waiting for a strain dedicated to Franco. The strain that would represent Franco the best could only be his very last cross of two of his favourite plants: The multiple cup winning Super Lemon Haze and the famous Exodus Cheese. Green House Seed Co is donating profits from the sales of Franco’s Lemon Cheese to the Franco Loja fund which will help finance his children’s education.

Super Lemon Haze x Exodus Cheese
Indica 40% / Sativa 60%
Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
Medium tall plant
9-11 weeks
750 – 1000 gr/plant


Franco's has a very lemony smell with the typical cheese taste on the exhale. It is a very powerful high, very social and energizing.


Medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation.
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