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Colour Mix 6 - Dutch Passion

Colour Mix 6 Autofem by Dutch Passion is the perfect mix pack to try out some top-quality autoflowering strains. Dutch Passion has made it super easy for anybody to grow these excellent strains!

Automazar: This is the autoflowering crossing between the great, award-winning Mazar and the Ruderalis. This magnificent mix of Afghan and Skunk genes needs only 11 weeks to finish from seeding and is a guarantee for a nice yield with sticky nugs. Automazar by Dutch Passion is a very gentle tasty smoke and provides you with a deep and pleasant physical effect.

PolarLight #2: This is the strong cross between a Dutch Haze and the Ruderalis and is considered a very easy-to-grow and resistant plant for beginners as well as the more experienced- and commercial-growers. She is very rewarding because of her medicinal capabilities and fast finishing ability. PolarLight #2 has a nice hazy flavor and gives you a very long-lasting high mixed with a pleasant body stone.

Autoblueberry: This is the tasty crossing between the Blueberry and the Ruderalis and is mostly appreciate because of her excellent taste and fantastic results. She creates a beautiful purple’ish color during flowering and needs only about 10 weeks to be harvested. Dutch Passion’s Autoblueberry is a smoke you have to experience. She has a nice combination of a very pleasant high and a surprisingly strong body-stone.
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awesome autofem seeds, my fav blueberry is a great grow! perfect for outdoors

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