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Jorges Diamonds #1

We are pleased to work together with Jorge Cervantes in our mutual project: "Jorge’s Diamonds". The many growbooks, DVD’s and articles Jorge Cervantes published in the past 25 years in 9 languages, have helped growers worldwide to cultivate some of the best marijuana in the world. Now growers can grow Jorge’s Diamonds 1 and take full advantage of the fruits of Jorge’s collaboration with his old friends at Dutch Passion Seeds. The genetics of the strain were selected by Jorge from the 25 year old "Research Gene Pool" of Dutch Passion.

Jorge's Diamond is a unique resin-packed indica-dominant strain that is potent, sweet, flavorful and incredibly smooth smoking. The rare indica-dominant genes are mixed with just the right amount of sativa to give the smoke a very strong soaring long-lasting high. The exceptional taste and aroma are fruity and sweet. The insatiable taste is sweet and similar to wild honey smothered in raspberries. The strain is almost maintenance free, also spider mites and other pests know to leave Jorge’s Diamonds 1 alone. Medical note: By Thin Layer Chromatography the THC percentage was calculated at 16 to 18%, while the strain (medical note) is high in THCV, CBD and CBN.

Indica Dominant
Mostly Indica
Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
8.5 weeks


 Jorges Diamonds 1 produces a strong body buzz that is quite long lasting. It has a deep, calming effect on your system and makes you feel happy and euphoric as well. Its high finishes off with a relaxing nap. It has a lovely sweet and fruity aroma that smells like fresh raspberries.
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I've been growing j.d. for bout a year now. it's one of the best strains i've grown. if cured right it's one of the smoothest smokes around with a wonderful long lasting high. Very little odour during grow which is a bonus.

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