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Amnesia Lemon - Shayana Seeds

Amnesia Lemon - Shayana Seeds
3 seeds - autoflower
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3 seeds - feminized
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5 seeds - feminized
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Shayana_Seeds_Amnesia_Lemon_Auto.jpg Amnesia Lemon - Shayana Seeds Shayana_Seeds_Amnesia_Lemon_Fem.jpg Amnesia Lemon - Shayana Seeds Shayana_Seeds_Amnesia_Lemon_Bud_01.jpg Amnesia Lemon - Shayana Seeds Shayana_Seeds_Amnesia_Lemon_Plant_02.jpg Amnesia Lemon - Shayana Seeds Shayana_Seeds_Amnesia_Lemon_Plant_03.jpg Amnesia Lemon - Shayana Seeds Shayana_Seeds_Amnesia_Lemon_Bud_02.jpg Amnesia Lemon - Shayana Seeds
An excellent strain for newbie cannabis lovers, it will leave you feeling happy, in sync with your surroundings, and mentally charged all day or evening. Amnesia Lemon is a magical mix of exotic aromas and powerful effects with a high THC level and best of all, it is one of the easiest cannabis plants to grow!

Why choose Amnesia Lemon?
• Award winning genetics
• Delicious taste and aroma
• Uplifting, energetic effects
• Very easy to grow (low maintenance)
• Impressive harvests (including autoflower)


Its smooth smoke fills the room with a solid lemon-lime aroma with herbal tones and earthy nuances, covering you with its refreshing citrus flavor and an upbeat high. Amnesia Lemon’s effects emphasize Sativa-like symptoms of a heady high with relaxing cerebral sensations. This not only feels uplifting but can even act as a mild aphrodisiac. It comes with a body high after you sit for a while -- it calms you down, relaxes your racing mind, and puts you to sleep. Amnesia Lemon gets you invested in creative feelings and hanging out with friends. You’ll be ready for a great time any time of day, but you’ll eventually be locked down and ready to go to bed (or to couch).


The combination of strong mental and physical effects makes this strain a good choice for activities that involve both mind and body, including but not limited to exercise and sex. More medically speaking, Amnesia Lemon's sense of focus can be helpful for those with attention deficit disorders who have trouble concentrating on specific tasks. It can also be a strong appetite stimulant.

Grow info: Amnesia Lemon thrives in a warm, sunny climate and can grow to a serious height with impressive yields come harvest time. Famous for its chunky, dense clusters of buds, growers should trim broad fan leaves at the top of this plant in order to let air and light reach flowering nodes on the lower branches.


Genetics: Skunk x Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer
Origin: Amsterdam
Seed Type: Autoflower / Feminized
Variety: Sativa dominant hybrid (70% Sativa - 30% Indica)
Characteristics: Happy, Creative, Anytime
Awards: Cannabis Cup, Sativa Cup
THC: 19 - 22%
Climate Zone: Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
Grow Difficulty: Normal
Plant Size: Medium to Tall
Plant Type: Branchy, bushy plant
Flowering period: 9 - 10 weeks
Harvest (auto): 11 - 12 weeks total crop time
Harvest (outdoor fem): Ready first week of October
Yield (indoor auto): 350 - 450 gr/m2
Yield (indoor fem): 650 - 750 gr/m2
Yield (outdoor auto): 50 - 150 grams
Yield (outdoor fem): XL (900 - 1000 grams)


All product information is provided for informational and educational purposes only. The information is obtained from breeders and Shayana Seeds cannot guarantee its accuracy. Shayana Seeds sells cannabis seeds as a collectable adult genetic preservation souvenir and reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone we think might use them for cultivating cannabis in countries where it’s illegal.
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