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Igrowcan - Northern Light Automatic

This little wonder has made homegrowing easier than ever!
Each iGrowCan contains everything you need to go from Seed to Harvest in less than 3 months.

• Original & Unique
• Surprise and exciting
• Decorative & Naturally beautiful
• Simple and mess free thanks to innovative packaging
• Available throughout the year
• In about 3 months you have your own fully grown baby plant!

1. Remove the lid and use as a base
2. Moisten the ground and place 1 seed approximately 1 cm deep into the ground (1 spare)
3. Place the iGrowCan in a light warm place 15 - 30°C.
4. Water the plant approximately 2x a week or whenever the ground is too dry.
5. Turn the plant regularly towards the light so that it is evenly distributed.
6. The plant will grow and blossom for approximately 2 to 3 months.

*To avoid leakage we advise that you place an extra water catcher under the can.
**The supplier is not liable for damage resulting from abuse and / or misuse of this product.
We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland

Customers Reviews iGrowCan - Northern Light Automatic Share your experience


Amazing product everything u need for it all in one pack for 20 quid well worth it with the pot seeds and black gold grow help for my needs perfect and is so cool looking :)


Good enough quality, but doesnt grow high enough and bloom long enough. But its def worth the price.

owh well they say u can use from start to finish and u can but... and this is a big but, if u don't move your plant to bigger place let just say it won't be big enough for the efford

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