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Green House - Kings Kush

Green House - Kings Kush
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Green_House_Kings_Kush_2137.jpg Green House - Kings Kush
If you’re looking for cannabis seeds that will give you a royal smack in the face, then these feminized seeds from Green House seeds are what you need to buy.

King’s Kush comes from the marriage between an OG Kush and a Grape Ape. Although it may resemble its Kush sisters, it also has the characteristic purple veins and sweet taste of the Grape Ape. King’s Kush will do nicely in an indoor set up, with its short and dense structure. Growers will want to cut some branches to give the central parts of the plant more light and air. Thanks to its resistance to weather conditions, in most areas it also performs well outside.

King’s Kush has a natural sandlewood-pine taste, and a feint grape flavor. The King's Kush is not a daytime smoke. Because of its strong effect, the Green House King’s Kush is perfectly suited for couch potatoe activities such as DVD-evenings. Its strong narcotic effect also makes it an effective pain and insomnia deterrent. King’s Kush is reputed for its medical properties.

Genetics: OG Kush, Grape.
Effect: comes on slowly but hard and for a long while.
Indoor flowering time: 9 weeks.
Flowering outdoor: ready for harvest by the end of October.
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