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Green House The Church

Weed lovers searching for a unique smoking experience, both in smell and taste without making any compromises on potency and high, should try out one of Green House Seeds most special breeds: The Church.

The feminized Church seeds come from a mix of Swiss sativa, skunk, super skunk and northern lights. She is a slow grower with the short features of an indica strain. Give her plenty of nutrients. Though slow in growth, she will catch up mid-flowering. Very mould resistant.

The dark green Church buds look nice and frosty and have dark brown/orange pistils. Her smell is unique. Certainly not the classic weed scent but more of an earthy, ground coffee kind of smell...just like her taste. Not only does she grow slowly, her high also creeps up on you really slowly. However, once it reaches your head, you’ll feel a euphoric high followed by a mellow comedown.

Effect: a weighty indica effect that transforms into a long lasting cerebral high. Unique taste and social effect.
Flowering indoors: 9 weeks, with a yield of 700 to 800 gr/ sqm.
Flowering outdoor: ready in early October with a yield up to 900 gr/plant
THC: 16.8%, CBD: 0.7%, CBN: 0.6%
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Germany , Switzerland

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excellent Bud. Very hard and sticky!!!

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