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Special Request


D-stress, a natural prozac alternative relaxes body and soul. 1 box = 21 caps = 7 doses. Contains: kava-kava vitamins: C B1 B3 B6 Inositol (muscle sugar) calcium magnesium. This formula combines the relaxing calming qualities of kava kava, with a supplement of the vitamins, necessary in order to maintain a good immune system in times of stress, and the long lasting physical energy provided by inositol (without increasing the insulin level).


Take 4 capsules at the end of the night, before going to sleep.


These capsules contain vitamin B3, or niacin. Some people may experience a temporary flush from vitamin B3. This never lasts very long and is completely harmless. If you don't like to have this flush, you can reduce it by taking the capsules on a full stomach and/or by taking the capsules in stages instead of all four at once (2 before going out, and two afterwards).

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