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Ultra Boost Herbal Dynamite

Each compact tablet is an explosion of pure herbal dynamite, combining impressive doses of two of the strongest natural energizers available without a prescription. That’s 333 mg. of Ephedra extract and 300 mg. of Guarana extract. Each one is a potent boost on its own. Taken together, the synergistic effect sets off a chain reaction far more powerful than any non-prescription drug. Strong, yet safe. One tablet is all it takes to “pep up” with a blast of pure, natural energy.


Ultra Boost gives more energy, both mental and physical. Increases resistance and gives a clear mind.


Take one tablet with one glass of water. Don’t take more then one tablet each for hours.


This is a natural dietary supplement and should be used like that. Do not use while pregnant, nursing, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetic, problems with thyroid and urinary tract.
Do not combine withMAO inhibitors or other medicine. If you are not sure then consult you consult your health care professional. Do not use under 18.
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Wow, this stuff really is dynamite!! Just one tablet lasts for hours!!

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