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In dedication to the great psychonaut Albert Hofman, what a fitting way of getting back those trippy colours in your bong than with this amazing cleaning stamp!

It has all the properties a good psychedelic cleaner should have with a soft and silky overtone.

Expect to start seeing best results after 3 hours and the entire cleaning process will be completed between 5 to 8 hours.

Your bong’s body will feel the same as with the original creation and is definitely the closest cleaner to Mr. Hofman’s own blotter.


Psychedelic cleaning, colours and patterns may be enhanced


1 stamp
1,5 stamps


5-8 hours


LSZ (15 0 µg/stamp)


Not intended for human consumption.

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These analogs are wonderful products , but must be treated with respect and caution . One stamp feels much like the original creation , but work best if taken at least a week after anything similar - cross tolerance occurs with other indoles and phens , etc .
Larger doses can give one a heavy body-load and possible nausea ...
If embarking upon a journey using more than one stamp , my advice is to leave an hour or so between doses to minimize the discomfort . As with many psychedelics , one might experience a " hangover " before the magic begins , but the next day you might feel a wonderful after-glow .
Be sensible and aware of others - leave the car at home and use public transport or a designated driver if going out partying . Stay safe and have good time ....


I dropped two of these in one go and it totally blew my mind. I wasnt expecting a trip as good and as powerfull as that,, i havnt tripped that hard in a long time.. As someone who,s had experience with acid in the past and shrooms, and other pyschedelics ,, these are without doubt the closest thing you,ll get to an acid trip..The visuals were mindblowing ,, i was staring out into the city and not only were the colours incredible but everything was morphing and shapeshifting into each other with brilliant effect,,, Cars would drive by and turn into five or four different shapes,,,all angles of all objects would move and slide away into other objects. Everything was just a wash of colour and movement,,, a very nice trip and i felt great. There were odd moments of reflection where the trip would seem to slow down,,, then i would look at something and it would come on again. As for nausia and body load,, i didnt feel any of that,,, a little tired later on but it had been a long day.. For me the onset was fairly intense and there was a bit of fear there, knowing something full on was coming on,, but once the trip kicked in i was fine,, The trip was strong but i was 100% relaxed at the same time,,, was laughing alot with a big smile on my face.. This is definetely a powerfull but great substance,,, but for any new comers i wouldnt recommend anymore than one tab on your first time.. Like all pyschedelics you need to get a feel for these things,, dont be jumping in the deep end before you can even swim... But yeah fucking superb trip!!!!!

aah man these just went right through my bong!
It started "leaking" but rather explosively after about 30 minutes of cleaning.
I had to use loads of TP to clean it up.


(This is a revision). Nice tactile experience, almost indistinguishable from HBW seeds. There were very few visuals, but some interesting thought patterns detected during meditation. This one seemed to be leaning toward body load as opposed to being particularly visionary (or auditory) in nature. Still overall a good compound.

Nice tactile experience, with a remarkable, almost indiscernible resemblance to HBW seeds. There were very few visuals, but some interesting thought patterns during meditation. This one seemed to be leaning toward body load as apposed to being visionary in nature. Still overall a good compound.


Interesting product, I don`t feel sure how big I should estimate the difference to "sister lucy", taking set and setting into account. There can be neausea and bodily discomfort, music sounds weird, wider and I got not only the feeling of understanding music better but can even proove it by the results I got from recordig my music- WHILE being on the trip. Things got bigger and smaller, all kinds of physical feelings got stronger and weirder. There where some nice visuals, some where also creepy and looked a bit "fake" compared to natural alternatives. I felt like I could look into peoples souls, and see spiritual vermins which harm their soul. Animals seemed more like normal citizens, like human beeings, with whom you can communicate, not with words but by the way you act to them.

There was lots of self-reflection, but not in the "meta-level of meta-level of meta-level" kind of way but more like being open to many aspects of my own personality, acting from my inner center, at the same time totally distracted, finding the core of my heart identical yet completely distinct from the relationship to my environment. Completely paradoxical thoughts made sense at the same time, yet I could explain them in a way, that didn`t sound illogic. There was some distance to every situation and I felt that every moment is actually the same her and now. Concentrating on concrete themes and understanding difficult subjects nevertheless worked only, if I was able to give lots of creative input, so in a way it also made me worse in dissolve myself into the world. In high doses I experienced the feeling that I am going to go to hell, suffering for eternety and I understood that it`s not important under which circumstances you exist but how you face circumstances. Nevertheless, this is only theory, it`s harder to really live the realisations and of course no substance can help with that.

There was also lots of fun included in some carnivalesc kind of way, meditation was very easy especially in nature. Getting emotional distance to people can be hard sometimes, so be careful under with whom you use that product.

This stuff if quite potent. Two tabs produced decent visuals, considerable mind F@#k, and a somewhat unpleasant body load. If you don't mind a heavy body load typical of lysergamides or plan to take the edge off with something else this is worth a try.


My bong felt no results, guess i received a dud. Blotters must be a tricky when it comes to dosage i guess. Sigh.. I`ll just stick with gifts of the nature, they tend not to disappoint.

Shipping took a bit long but anyways.

The substance LSZ is better than AL-LAD in my oppinion. It fits better in some of the serotonine receptors than LSD and thats noticeable.

The comeup was about one hour and a half. My friend was feeling very bad at that time because of nausea, but i was fine and felt very active. After another two hours the situation was less ridiculous for both of us and i started thinking and reflecting what was happening at this moment. The bodyload was strong and annoying but i was pleasant after about 5 hours. Then there were relaxing visuals in my room as i fell asleep.
Very similar to sister Lucy. The defining difference is the feeling of being clear-minded while tripping, but thats only coming out in single moments..
As a negative aspect i want to mention the price, because the lsz blotters over the planet ar all the same and this is not the average price, but whatever, i like shayana, i liked this trip, everything fine

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