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Devils Harvest Shoreline

Shoreline is an old Sensi Skunk strain which made its way to the USA, where it became selected, in Texas. Soon after a Grateful Dead concert in the Shoreline Amphitheater, the clone received its name and began to spread around the world.

From what we know the original Shoreline has been long lost but somewhere along the way someone of this crew made a cross of Shoreline with an Oasis male from Dutch Passion in order to preserve the strain. Again it was grown out and another clone was selected which we are using today.

This is one of the stinkiest strains we have ever seen. It has a really strong aroma of an old school skunk. What makes it unique is that the smell comes through on the taste. It is unusual to find a strain that carries a smell and flavor that are the same.

This is an 8-week strain with an old skunk look, very easy to grow, with a fast flower. Turns purple after week 6 and begins to smell the room.

Shoreline is a must strain for everyone and will make anyones top list.

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