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Burn fat all day even at rest!
Non-stimulant thermophoric energy!
TT-33 Was specifically engineered with one purpose in mind, increase the actions of the bodies key fat burning mechanisms. This potent thermogenic shift will transform your body from a soft, lipogenic (fat storing) state, to a rock hard, human blast furnace! Dont settle for jittery stimulants that burn muscle tissue and can cause headaches and anxiety, use the next generation of fat loss, TT-33!
How does it work?
TT-33 was designed to augment your bodies metabolic rate by supplying naturally occuring iiodo-thyronines. These powerful agents rapidly increase BMR as well as thermogenesis and the presence of uncoupling proteins (UCP's) which puts your body into metabolic overdrive.
What are uncoupling Proteins?
The body has 3 different classes of UCP's, each has a specific purpose and each will help increase your metabolic efficiency and lipolysis:
UCP-1 - Liberates stored fatty acids allowing them to be pulled from the mitochondria.
UCP-2 - Neutralizes reactive oxygen species created during the fat burning process.
UCP-3 - Transports the stored fatty acids from the mitochondia to be burned as energy.
Together these UCP's provide the cellular signalling mechanisms that allow TT-33 to promote rapid fat loss and thermogenic calorie burning.
Non-stimulant mental focus!
By adding a significant dose of Methylcobalamin to each serving of TT-33, users report a quick rise in mental focus and clarity, along with increased oxygen effeciency. Methylcobalamin plays a key role in brain function as well as the production of oxygen-rich red blood cells.
Burn fat, not muscle!
You spend hours in the gym and in the kitchen building quality muscle mass, don't let a "kitchen sink" fat burner burn all your hard earned muscle gains. TT-33's UMAD-Complex features compounds that specifically target fat tissue by releasing a surge of "uncoupling proteins." These proteins preferentially act on stored fat cells, which insures the muscle you have built will not be burned!
Stack it!
Because TT-33 is a non-stimulant product, you can easily stack it with Adipoxil. This can not only increase the overall thermogenic effect, but also it will preferentially shift all of that calorie burning to your stored fat instead of your muscle!

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