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Indian Elements - Kratom Resin

Indian Elements - Kratom Resin
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Kratom aka mitragyna speciosa is a shrub from the swampy areas of Thailand and Malaysia. Its main active component is mitragynine, a powerful alkaloid with stimulating, to even opium-like effects. Besides that, more than 25 further alkaloids of the same class.


Kratom has stimulating effects in low dosages and sedating effects in higher dosages. Its effects are often compared to those of codeine or opium, but with the difference that both these drugs can lead to strong physical and psychical dependency. Kratom, however, has no potential to create a physical dependency and is therefore also sometimes used to fight against opiate addiction.


It is recommended to try low dosages first and then raise the dosage if desired. Even if Kratom is said to have stimulating properties, it is better to stay in a comfortable area with music and the possibility to lay down, allowing you to fully enjoy the euphoria and sedation coming from Kratom.

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