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Bud Factor X
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Bud factor is a bloom booster for hydroponics plants that helps you obtain large harvests of buds sugary essential oils. Your plants become sturdier and more robust. They better resist stress and support extensive floral growth.

Using bud factor, you will see significant increases in your plants’ production of essential oils—These oils carry the flavor, aroma, potency, color and medicating effects that we most love about our buds.

One of the key functions of Bud factor is that it stimulates the plants’ immune system, producing bigger plants, higher yields and more potent crops.

Bud factor contains compounds that activate “systemic resistance” mechanisms in your plants, making them more resistant to heat, disease, stress, intense light and pest attack.

When you stimulate systemic resistance, your plants bulk up with as much as 50% more infrastructure, especially stems and stalks, prepping them for producing and handling larger flowers.

On top of that, the improved systemic resistance armors your plants by generating and secreting more essential oils. It’s a form of plant self-protection.

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