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After Party Pack #1

After Party Pack #1
Special Request

Special Request



The Shayanashop crew also likes to party… but sometimes we don't feel so good on the next day. So, we came out with an after party pack to help all party animals get back on their feet. And, what’s even better, is that you can choose the most adequate according to what you got wasted the day before!
Choose After party pack 1 and get a Qure, much more than a shoot of vitamins but also a combination of substances to increase your mood; one After C to help you get rid of the exhaustion that sometimes follows on the use of cocaine; and  a Paraxine that helps to breakdown the alcohol in your blood stream, killing any hangover effects.

Qure: take it the day after you were out partying.

After C: take it the day after you’ve been using cocaine.

Paraxine: take it during or immediately after alcohol consumption. It will help you to wake up with a clear head. general

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