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K.C. Brains Mango

The KC Brains Mango is a good indoor plant, but through its optimized genetics it is most of all a highly productive outdoor strain. The genetics show why it is suited for both. Mango is bred from KC Special, KC33 and a secret Afghani plant.

The best characteristic of KC Brains’ Mango isn’t its indoor and outdoor proficiency, but its quick harvest and decent quality.

And yes, this weed actually smells like Mango. Have a smoke and you’ll immediately enjoy fruity after tones that remind you of mango and even grape flavours. Users also report this strain has excellent pain killing qualities. It’s high is not of the couchlock type. Not too strong but excellent to relax and keep functioning.

Genetics: KC Special with KC33 and secret Afghani
Indoor flowering: 6-9 weeks
Indoor height: 90 cm
Indoor yield: 150 gram per plant
Outdoor Flowering: 7-10 weeks, end of September to mid of October
Outdoor height: 220-300 cm
Outdoor yield: 800 – 2000 gram per plant

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The seeds germinate well even after quite a long storage in sealed plastic bags placed in the fridge. Even the growing plants have nice aroma.

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