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K.C. Brains White K.C.

K.C. Brains White K.C.
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Special Request


This plant has retained the appearance of the white family, growing to medium height with considerable resin production. Not a big fan of the cold and other weather conditions, but can be grown outdoors in temperate climates due to its speedy flowering time. More consistent results can be expected indoors, but keep the light-blocking leaves trimmed to maximize production. Fruity smell and flavour with a heavy stone, the White K.C. is good for processing into hash.
Genetics: White Widow, KC special select, KC 33 & Afghani-like plant
Inside flowering: 6-11 weeks. Height 1-1,25 m, yield up to 125 grams
Outside flowering: 8-10 weeks. Height between 1,25-2,25 cm, yield up to 900 grams. Harvest September/October

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