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Multi-System Rapid Fat Loss Catalyst

Finally, a fat burner that busts the thermogenic and energy producing envelope wide open and that's only the beginning!

Check out this freaky scientific VPX breakthrough: RED LINE™: is the only matrix ever developed to shred fat through the shivering response in the body. By shivering the body burns huge amounts of stored bodyfat for energy in an effort to keep the body warm. That's not all! In addition to shivering, you'll also be sweating up a thermogenic storm. The combined mechanisms of these two processes results in unparalleled fat loss!


In less than 5 minutes you'll feel the fast acting power of RED LINE'S™ fat destroying and energy producing compounds racing through your blood. Just think; when have you ever been guaranteed results in 5 minutes? Were so sure that you'll know its for real in less than five minutes that were giving a FREE sample to the first 1000 people who log on to The staff at VPX has felt the FREAK of REDLINE™ and we want you to feel it too.


Shake well prior to use. Dispense 2.5ml to 5ml of REDLINE™ into mouth and swallow. Always begine use with 2.5ml two times daily to assess tolerance. Never exceed more than 5(ml) in a single dosage or exceed 5(ml) daily. Ingredients - click to view



Customers Reviews Redline Share your experience


What an amazing product. This is powerful stuff! I could not even follow recommendations of dose increase, since taking half always worked good enough for me. In 6 months, without exercise, I've been able to loose 15Kg !!


Love the stuff took it and felt it right away. So strong I cant even take it 2 times a day only one time and at that i can only take it like 3 times a week. Lost 20 lbs in just 2 weeks after i started taking this. I love my ephedra but this stuff is much better then ephedra. I would not take it if you dont like the feeling that ephedra gives you because this gives you a feeling like 10 times more intense. Even know it is ephedra free.

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