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Introducing MELT, the latest in our revolutionary line of potent fat burners. MELT is a highly effective topical fat loss formula designed to quickly and safely eliminate fat from those stubborn areas that remain unaffected by diligent training and diet. With MELT’s targeted application, you decide where fat reduction occurs. Gone are the days of being at the whim of your body’s natural fat storage and fat loss patterns, which are in all likelihood standing in opposition to your fitness goals. It’s time to take control, to etch and define your body as you desire. And with MELT, that’s exactly what we’re offering you—the scientifically proven fat loss equivalent of a sculptor’s chisel.

Simply apply MELT to the area you are unhappy with, maintain your training regimen while being in calorie deficit, and you will see results. Fast results. Pleasing results.

MELT utilizes a distinct and efficient infusion matrix, specifically designed to deliver ingredients locally and avoid full-body absorption. Contained within this matrix are a number of compounds, each of which has been chosen for its ability to liberate and burn bodyfat.


Each of MELT’s ingredients is scientifically documented for its positive effects on fat loss. Combined, MELT’s ingredients act synergistically to target localized fat reduction from a number of angles. With MELT, you will break through fat loss plateaus. You will overpower your body’s most stubborn fat. Gone are the days of endlessly trying to diet off the last layer of fat that just won’t budge—it is time to MELT it off.

Shake well before use. Rub gel into skin once or twice daily where effects are desired. Allow to dry for approximately 2-3 minutes. For use only in adults over the age of 21. If areas applied to come incontact with other individuals, the complex may potentially transfer to that person.

Serving size: 10 sprays(1.75ml)
Servings per container: 34

For topical use only. Shake well. Apply to clean dry skin and allow to dry for 2-3 minutes. Most effective for hips, buttocks, and thighes in women, and the midsection in men. Start with 10 sprays twice per day and increase as needed. Do not exceed 30 sprays in one day.

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