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Special Request


Par Deus Presents: The Science of…… SYTENHANCE

From the scientific mind that brought you ONE+, LipoDerm-Y, Ab-Solved, and LeptiGen, and from the company that brought you ICE, Vendetta, and Relentless, comes perhaps the most intriguing formula to hit the market to date.

This is THE REAL Sytenhance formula, designed by Par Deus, which Avant Labs was going to release early this year.

For those unaware, Sytenhance is a locally acting androgen, in a topical gel.

Basically, as the name implies, it is like Synthol, except that it actually prom


Actives – 1-test and 4-AD

1-testosterone is without a doubt the most powerful muscle building substance in the history of bodybuilding supplementation. With its discovery, the gap between legal supplements and "real gear" was closed overnight -- in fact, unless the term "real gear" necessitates that a product be illegal or injecting into one's ass, 1-test is "real gear". It is a legal anabolic steroid, found to be 700+% more myotrophic than testosterone in the classic rat levator ani assay, used to determine the anabolic potency of pretty much every androgen ever created. You get enough in the muscle cell, and you will grow.


4-AD, to its credit, has been found to be 80-90% as anabolic and 120% as androgenic vs. testosterone, when injected into rats. How much of this is from the inherent activity at the AR one would expect from a 17beta-diol and how much is from its conversion to testosterone is anyone’s guess, but it is also pretty much irrelevant. It will also provide some estrogen, which will potentiate androgen action via upregulation of the receptor, as well as promote glycogen storage.


Androgen Signaling

Androgens exert much of their effects locally, at the cell level, be it in muscle, fat, the brain, liver, etc. They are taken up by the cells in those tissues, they bind to the AR in those cells, and subsequently cause direct activation transcription, thus protein synthesis, glycogen storage, etc., within those cells (12956285).

IOW, high androgen concentrations (and binding), in a cell in the muscle, does not cause promote signal transduction in the hypothalamus and vice versa.

That is pretty straightforward and basic, but it tells us that if we could get high concentrations in one tissue over the other, we could achieve a stronger effect in that tissue over the other (all else being equal).

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