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Grace Glass Monaco Bong

Grace Glass Monaco Bong

This bong is much the same as its G208 cousin with a few differences, the main being that it has no kick hole and a slightly larger socket. Grace Glass Ice Breaker Bong with 2 Reinforced 10 ARM Tree Percolators Systems. With 5mm of thick borosilicate glass. The ice notches allow for further cooling with ice cubes and the thick base makes sure this elegant bong stands up straight.

Height – 50 cm
Diameter – 50 mm
Socket – 18.8 mm
Material: Glass
Colour: Grace Glass GG logo in black

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Love this bong!! Received it a week after ordering and it offers a super smooth toke and ez clean up! Just what I needed :) Now, I'm curious about the other luxury bongs you carry...any suggestions??

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