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You won’t have to ask Mr. Hofmann to help you out with this cleaning session. Get ready to see the amazing trippy colours of your bong after just 15 min and fully appreciate the psychedelic vision of a clean bong for the next 4h.

You get the BongBastic Stamp of approval for this this truly awesome cleaner. You will think your tripping on LSD this cleaning product is so good.


Visually strong cleaning, bong stimulation, your bong will feel euphoric


1 stamp
1,5 stamps


8-12 hours


25I-NBOMe (1200µg/stamp)


Not intended for human consumption. Do not use more than 1 at a time to clean your bong! It will not get cleaner and will be damaged - Very dangerous!
This product will have no effect for 3 weeks after cleaning.

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Fellow Shayana comrads, you just have to try this one.
You won't believe in your eyes!,or you ears for that matters.
Is this the new era for the white rabbit followers?


Me and my friend had a really nice experience with this product. Each took only half, just enough to had nice, but easy cosmic trip. So next time I'm gona take the whole blotter, for more intense experience.

It was great! This thing is a must try, visuals of my bong was intense ! That was some nice cleaning. Thanks shayanashop !


Sehr schöner und angenehmer TRIP ! Die " Gefühlvolle Fee" macht ihren Namen alle Ehre ! Danke an Shayana für die schnelle und unkomplizierte Lieferung (y)

took one, and friend took the other.. we were in giggles an remembering past events clearly, seems everything was more funnier, most things made us laugh very easily.. this lasted for about .. 3-4hrs great product, but there was no intense visualizations other than the occasional brightness of things, we have high hopes for the more expensive stamps.. or start mixing them :)


everything went better than expected.
everything melts smoothly, fits in one big giant cosmic dance..could not be better.
much love from this stuff, but really, try half dose before trying full one. be careful.

Good stuff, definitely worth a try. Follow the instructions (one blotter at a time!), and take some time to learn a bit more about 25i if you haven't already. Cheers!


Rally good stuff! :) I were on a wormhole and travelled from places to another. It was sick :D some things moved and the visuals was amazing! :) wormhole was 3D looking and there was stones floating in it. Amazing product :) 5/5 !! :) (i took 2 but not at the same time)

Had a great time using this product. Started off with half a blotter as I was inexperienced and had a decent experience, next time I plan to do a full blotter and really enjoy myself. 10/10

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