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Bongastic - Mega Pack

Out now !

The entire range of BongBastic products at your disposal. With this Mega Pack, you get a taste of Bongbastic’s blends, energizers and THC pills.

Get your Mega Pack in time for the summer holiday festivals…and enter the world of BongBastic!

The BongBastic Mega Pack contains:

- Blend Pack: Tritium - Deuterium - Barium
- Energizer pack: Natrium, Xenon, Radon, Erbium
- THC pack: Tritium - Deuterium - Protium


Not intended for human consumption.

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What Cain say about this has everything. What ever you feel like you willing in this pack. Great value for money. I had tried most of them, with the exception of the THC pack. I was never too sure about this! But let me tell you that I, like it!

No mater what mood your i, you will find something here that right for you

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