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Sensi Seeds - Hindu Kush

Sensi Seeds' Hindu Kush is a nice, easy to grow plant perfectly suited for beginners. Hindu Kush is a pure indica with very stable genes. “Kush” refers to the mountainous region where it was picked up.

Compared to the many hybrids derived from this strain, who have a more blasting high, these original Hindu Kush buds have a more fruity aroma and a more relaxing and sedating effect.

As it still requires the same growing conditions as in the natural habitat it was taken from, Hindu Kush can only be grown indoors in many European countries. Its buds are rather short. Nevertheless, the plant produces a yield that can easily compete with that of its hybrids. During flowering, its pure indica genes come into play. The plant gets very bushy and requires some trimming.

Genetics: Pure Indica
Type: Indoor
Indoor flowering: 6-7 weeks

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