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Mr. Nice Seeds - Angel's Breathe

Mr. Nice Seeds - Angel's Breathe
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Special Request


The biggest producer ever developed by Mr Nice seeds is called mango haze, a hybrid created from SSH and several other prizewinning weed strains. Mango delivers what she promises: the sweet taste of a ripe Mango. Combine this baby with an afghan haze, and you get Angel’s breathe.

With a genetic make-up consisting of around 50% Haze, this strain is more suited for experienced growers, who will need to pay extra attention to selecting the perfect hybrid. They will also need a good deal of patience. This angel takes her time (11 to 12 weeks). A possible tip could be to flower a clone from the seed mother to reduce flowering time.

The result will be an exquisite non-commercial strain that offers smokers a sensational high.
Expected yield per m²: 400-550 gr, both outdoors and in the greenhouse
Genetic composition 12.5% NL5, 12.5% Skunk,25% Afghan and 50% Haze
Light exposure: 3 to 4 days of 18 hour growth in an indoor setup, skipping directly to 12/12 flowering. Throw away plants that keep on flowering for more than 13 weeks.

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