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Mr. Nice Seeds - Master Kush X Skunk

Mr. Nice Seeds - Master Kush X Skunk
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Both Master Kush and Skunk have won numerous prizes for their particular contribution to the world of weed in the last decades. Master Kush x Skunk is very reliable on all levels and an excellent blend of fine genetics. The gene pool of both this hybrid’s parents is mostly afghan with some Thai and Mexican genes as well.

Master kush x skunk has a special aroma and taste. She is quite easy to manage and adapts perfectly to both indoor and outdoor environments, showing a firm resistance to fungus. In an outdoor setting it is a good idea to support the flowers as they mature since they can become heavy and cause the stem to bend.
It is an excellent plant that obtains good overall results and is suited for both beginners and experts.

Genetic makeup: Master Kush x Skunk
Medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse
Yield: Indoors 500-600g/m2 and g/h or outdoors 450 g/plant.
Flowering: Indoors, the more skunky phenotypes will finish in 7 weeks, the others will be finished around 9 weeks maximum.
Harvest: between Sep and early October

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