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Mr. Nice Seeds - Mango Haze

Mr. Nice Seeds - Mango Haze
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Mango Haze has the same Haze father and the mother is a sister of the SSH. The plant is nicely suited for indoor growing. Make sure the room isn’t too high. Switch directly into 12/12 using a rooted clone or seed. This way you’ll still obtain a 1-1.5 meter plant.

This strain obtains yields between 450-550 grams per square meter (minimum of 600 watts lamps). We suggest pruning so the Mango strain puts its energy into the cola flower clusters. Mango Haze is mould-resistant, both for indoor and outdoor growers. This strain is recommended to experienced and advanced growers.

Mango is a big resin-producer with a fully ripe mango aroma and a cerebral effect. The plant stems from a line of HTCC winners, so its pedigree is outstanding.
Family of breed: 25% NL5, 25% Skunk and 50% Haze
Medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse
Yield: Indoors expect 450-550 grams.
As an outdoor plant or G/h plant it can become exceptional.
Flowering indoor: 8 to 11 weeks.
Outdoors, it will only finish in Mediterranean climates and will be ready in October.

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