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Mr. Nice Seeds - Devil

Mr. Nice Seeds - Devil
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Devil is a good choice for outdoor/greenhouse growers. She produces a beautiful red aura and full fruity flavour appreciated by many a smoker. Its genetic heritage consists of afghan x afghan/skunk. Although a slow grower at first, she skyrockets as soon as she has an established rootball.

Although its name might lead you to believe otherwise, Devil is very nice and forgiving to first timers. Of course, it will also please more experienced cannabis growers.

Genetic makeup: Afghan x Afghan/Skunk
Yield: indoor 450-550g/m2 g/h & outdoor 450-600 g/plant\
Flowering: Flowering time indoor, expect 8 weeks, Although some may take longer. In the northern hemisphere , especially in greenhouses, it should be ready by the end of September - early October.

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