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Finest Medicinal Seeds Medi Kush

Finest Medicinal Seeds Medi Kush
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FMS’ White Rhino is perfectly suited for medicinal purposes. It has a great yield, awesome taste and a consistently strong THC content. The genetic origins of White Rhino seeds are very mixed, though not unstable or uncontrollable. In fact, the White Rhino strain contains the genes of the best weed varieties of India, Brazil and Afghanistan.

Its buds have an intense, fruity smell and taste. Its effects are very numbing, nearly narcotic, which explains the medical use of this cannabis variety and why it was added to the finest medical seeds collection. White Rhino can be used as sleeping aid or to treat pain in MS patients.

Type: Indoor & Outdoor
Flowering Indoor: 8 weeks
Yield Indoor: Up to 900 grams / m2
Flowering Outdoor: harvest September-October
Yield Outdoor: Up to 1200 grams / plant

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